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Caravan & trailer service Cranbourne

Is your caravan or trailer costing you money?

Bring it into Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical for a comprehensive service. Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical fit and supply all brands of electric brakes for caravans and trailers and are a specialist authorised Redarc fitter.

Caravans and trailers (including standard trailers, boat trailers and horse floats) need regular servicing and maintenance to ensure they are safe and will not adversely impact your driving or your stopping distance and to ensure they do not increase the amount of fuel you use.

Wheel bearings and brakes are common areas of concern when it comes to the safety of your trailer or caravan and these should be checked at least once a year to ensure they are operating safely and correctly. Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical are experts in braking systems for towed vehicles and can supply and fit Redarc Pro and Primus IQ Electric brake systems.

Problems with the wheel bearings or brakes can make the caravan or trailer difficult to control when towing and can significantly increase your stopping distance and use of fuel, particularly under heavy loads. The team at Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical can check your brakes and bearings are up to the job and let you know if they require replacing or upgrading.

Couplings, lights, bushes, wiring, springs, latches, chassis mounts and cables should all be considered when having a trailer or caravan serviced. The list can become much more complex. depending on the type of vehicle you own and the way you tend to use it.

Many trailer and caravan manufacturers recommend towed vehicles should be serviced every 10,000km or 12 months. If you do a lot of towing your caravan or trailer it pays to keep it running smoothly to help minimise fuel expenditure in addition to safety concerns.

Even if you don't use your trailer or caravan regularly you should still have it serviced at least once per year. Lack of use brings it's own problems and requirements and you should still have your towed vehicle checked on a regular basis to ensure components have not failed or deteriorated without your knowledge.

Have your next comprehensive caravan or trailer service performed by Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical, the team with the specialist expertise, facilities and training specific to trailer and caravan servicing to get the job done right.

We will explain all of our work in an easy to understand manner, and advise you of any extra work that may be required on your trailer or caravan before commencing with the task.

If that is not enough peace of mind for you, all our work is covered by a nationwide warranty which has you covered wherever you may be towing a caravan or trailer in Australia.

If your caravan or trailer need a service, see the expert team at Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical!

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