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Is your EFI a bit IFFY?

Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical have the experience, skills and know-how to identify, diagnose and solve even complex EFI issues and get your car performing the way it should. So if your fuel economy is not what it should be, or the car is running rough or in "Limp mode" bring it into our Cranbourne workshop for an EFI service today.

EFI service in Cranbourne

What is EFI?

Electronic Fuel Injection systems (EFI) in modern vehicles consist of a high pressure fuel delivery system controlled by a specialised electronic control unit, or ECU.

As many as thirty or more sensors constantly update the data available to the ECU at any given time. The ECU uses this data to determine the correct mixture of air and fuel the engine requires in order for it to perform most efficiently. This can help reduce fuel costs and minimise exhaust emissions, making regular checks of the EFI system well worth the effort even if there are no apparent problems.

How do I know if my EFI needs servicing?

If you are experiencing unusually poor fuel economy, it seems the car ‘runs rough' when idling or has developed a classic backfire there is a very good chance that there could be a problem with your EFI, or Electronic Fuel Injection System.

When do I need an EFI service

EFI problems can sometimes be relatively simple, such as contaminated fuel from letting a fuel tank become completely empty or a clogged fuel injector. Sometimes however, the problem lies well hidden, deep within the highly sophisticated EFI System. Our Cranbourne car service workshop is equipped with the specialised, advanced diagnostic testing equipment needed to be able to diagnose, service and repair your EFI.

Another classic sign that your electronic fuel injection may need a service is when the engine runs for a short while after switching off the ignition. An apparent increase in fuel use or noticeable decrease in performance may also be related to an EFI issue.

Regular servicing or inspection of your Electronic Fuel Injection System will help your car perform more efficiently and save you money at the pump. That's real Peace of Mind. Given the complex nature of modern fuel injection systems, a qualified mechanic with specialised diagnostic equipment is best placed to service or repair your EFI.

How Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical diagnose & fix EFI problems

  • Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical use special computer diagnostic equipment to test your car's ECU (electronic control unit). The ECU is essentially a central computer which controls (amongst other things) the fuel injection process by taking information from the many sensors spread throughout the vehicle and making “decisions” based on pre-programmed inputs. The ECU can ‘self-diagnose' faults and send out special fault codes which our diagnostic scan equipment is then able to extract and interpret.
  • Quite often, the ECU is being given ‘wrong' information by faulty sensors or other environmental factors and this is when we have to call upon our expert knowledge and advanced diagnostic training to correctly identify the problem.
  • Electronic probe testing and visual inspections can be made of your car's sensors, throttle valve, fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors to make sure they are working correctly
  • Any leaks must be identified and repaired without delay - Air leaks will seriously affect performance and fuel economy and can cause severe damage to engine components. It goes without saying you don't want fuel leaking out either!
  • Over time, Fuel lines, filters and valves can become clogged with contaminants or tank sediments so they'll need to be cleaned and on occasion replaced. Where necessary, some components can be unclogged using special flushing compounds.
  • Sensors (or the lines connecting them to the ECU) which are faulty or damaged may need to be fixed or replaced. While your car technically might be able to function without some of these sensors, they all keep track of information that is vital to the efficiency, performance and safety of your vehicle. Your engines ECU may prevent running of the vehicle until they are functioning correctly or it may trigger the vehicle into a state of basic operation known as ‘limp mode'

What is 'limp mode'

When your cars electronic control unit (ECU) encounters data which is incorrect (or outside of known value ranges) or which it cannot process, it will set a fault code and initiate some form of warning. When such problems occur in major vehicle systems it can trigger what is known as 'Limp Mode'. As the Fuel system of a car is considered a major system, faulty or failing sensor or lines may trigger this safety function.

Limp Mode is designed to allow you to get a car to a safe location (off the road) and can protect both you and the car from serious problems that could arise from continued 'normal' operation of the vehicle. If you find your car enters limp mode you should pull over immediately and get it checked over by a qualified mechanic asap, even if the computer 'resets' itself. Cars can act quite erratically in Limp Mode.

We provide high quality EFI servicing and can help you sort out many electronic fuel injector and fuel related problems. Poor fuel economy or excessive petrol consumption, trouble starting the engine or intermittent functioning and general poor performance all indicate a possible need for an EFI service.

EFI Service may be required when your fuel economy seems to have dropped or your car does not seem to be performing at its peak efficiency. Reduced performance ability of engine valves resulting from formation of carbon deposits leads to increased fuel consumption.

Additive type fuel cleaners do not fix the problem because they only clean the injectors, but generally do not effectively remove the carbon building up on the valves. These deposits can also can build up in the more crucial areas of the fuel system causing further problems. What little benefit you do get from such products is usually marginal and generally short lived.

A proper Electronic Fuel Injection service, conducted by qualified mechanics, helps to ensure that the catalytic converter, the fuel and intake systems, engine valves and combustion chambers are all properly cleaned and are still in a serviceable condition.

Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical mechanics are Auto-Tech trained and use the right equipment to ensure the best results for you and your car.

Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical can help diagnose if the issue is an EFI related problem or if you need to look elsewhere for the cause of the cars behaviour. Speak with the team or book online!

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