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Is your family taxi — family toxic?

Your car could be making you and your family feel sick, tired, stressed out and irritable. Having your vehicle regularly serviced and inspected at Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical in Cranbourne could make all the difference.

Does any of that sound familiar? The environment in your car can do a lot to contribute to the attitude of everyone who rides in it - including you.

Did you know, the air inside our cars has been found to have a much higher concentration of pollutants than the air just outside the vehicle - up to 10 times, in some cases?

Or that a build-up of bacteria in your car’s vents can cause horrible smells that not only make trips in the car unpleasant but can also cause health issues.

Suspension, steering and wheel alignment issues can mean you get tired faster if you're out on the road for long periods. Even if it's just a lot of short trips around Cranbourne, struggling with the steering wheel can take its toll on your energy levels. It's not always obvious just how much extra effort you are putting into steering and parking because the gradual decline of these things often goes unnoticed.

There are many issues which all contribute to just how toxic the environment in your car could be - if you would like to read a more comprehensive list visit our Family Taxi page on repcoservice.com

  • Shock absorber and suspension testing, wheel alignment and balancing - To help you have better control on the road and plus reduce driver fatigue and car sickness.
  • Cabin Air Filter replacement - Ask us to inspect your cabin air filter - it might be dirtier than you expect well before your log book suggests a replacement, and if it is full of dust or contaminates it's not working effectively - a cabin air filter replacement will immediately have you breathing cleaner air by filtering out pollen and other particles.
  • Take clean air a step further and ask about our MiST™ service which kills any existing mould or bacteria on contact and prevents new mould growth throughout your vehicles ventilation system.
  • Reduce your stress levels with the peace of mind that comes with our 65 point vehicle inspection report - knowing your vehicle is in good condition goes a long way to helping you relax behind the wheel. Our report helps identify any required maintenance issues before they become an expensive, unexpected breakdown that could put added strain on your day and on the household budget.
  • Wiper Blade Replacement, it might seem like a simple thing - but we often forget until it's too late - and not having clear vision on those awful rainy days can really add to your worries about being out in those conditions.
  • Brake Testing. It happens, sometimes we have to hit the brakes suddenly. Knowing that your brakes are in their best condition and ready to work when you really need them means you can worry less and focus better. We can test your brakes and advise you on the right pad for your driving style and conditions.

We are part of Repco Authorised Service, Australia's largest network of independent car service workshops and with that comes the added peace of mind of a Nationwide Warranty. So, book your next service online with Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical today and help keep your family taxi, family friendly.

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