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Get into gear!

At Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical in Cranbourne we believe the transmission is an important part of your vehicle.

Without the transmission, your vehicle would not be able to move between gears. The transmission fluid allows you to do this smoothly and also protects the working parts inside your transmission. The transmission fluid doesn't diminish through use. Yet the level should still be checked periodically because if there is a leak, or the fluid level is low, it will harm the internal parts of your transmission.

Transmission fluid can become dirty over time with metal shavings and other particles which will shorten the life of your transmission. Replacing a transmission is a costly exercise and so checking the fluid and replacing it when necessary is a good investment in the long run.

At Cranbourne Auto Electrical and Mechanical we provide a full 65 Point Vehicle Condition Report upon request with every full car service - This includes a check of your transmission fluid and we will advise you if we think your fluid needs to be replaced or if a transmission service might be needed.